Photo Mounts to fit a A5 Item

There are 1 standard frame sizes that fit a A5 item with equal borders on each side. There are also 38 standard frame sizes that fit a A5 item with unequal borders. Choose between photo mounts with equal and unequal borders using the tabs below.
If you are looking for a custom sized picture mount to fit an item of this size, try our bespoke mount designer.

In order to ensure your item fits within the picture mount aperture the actual mount opening will be cut 3mm smaller on each side to stop your item from falling through the mount's opening. Therefore the specific opening size of the mount is 204x142mm.

39 standard sizes

available in 23 colours

Design a Bespoke Picture Mount

Are the sizes you are looking for not listed here? Design a completely custom mount to your own specification in our bespoke picture mount designer.

Configure and buy a Bespoke Picture Mount