Brampton Picture Framing

DIY Framing Materials & Services

Buy Picture Frame Moulding

We offer a choice of over 2,000 picture frame mouldings in many styles, colours, profiles and widths, available for purchase as straight lengths. There are discounts available for buying larger packs or boxes.

Chop Service Moulding Service

Buy Cut to Size Mount

Need to buy Cut to Size Mounts? We offer a range of mounts in both standard and bespoke sizes. Rejuvenate a frame with a faded or damaged mount, or construct your own frames with the other DIY products we offer.

Cut to Size Mountboard Service

Framing Supplies

Brampton Framing offer a large variety of picture framing supplies for all your needs including:

  • Glass - Many types of glass, from acrylic to museum quality
  • Mountboard - we stock a selection to suit most needs in a variety of colours
  • Backing board
  • String & Fixings
  • Framing tape
  • Screws
Single & Double D-Rings

DIY Framing Kits

If you are looking to reduce your framing costs further, we can offer three different options that may be of interest to you:

  • We can supply you with the rim of the frame only
  • Chop service - we can supply you with 4 pieces of mitred moulding ready to join
  • We can supply you with full lengths of moulding ready for you to make the frames yourself
Chop Service Moulding Lengths

DIY Picture Framing Services

Often craftsmen and artists like to construct their own frames out of the appropriate materials, and we are happy to help you with this in any way we can. We sell a variety of framing-related accessories on this website and when designing a picture frame to a bespoke size you have the option of buying on 'chop service' - where we will chop and mitre the picture frame moulding to the correct lengths and post them to you so you can construct your own frame.

Brampton Framing offer over 2,500 different mouldings so whether you require an ultra modern frame or an antique style picture frame we can be sure of finding suitable examples to suit your style and budget. Once you have identified which frame moulding you require we can supply in the following formats:

  • Chop service, mitred to the size you require - up to 3 metres in length
  • In packs of either 3 or 6 metre lengths
  • In boxes, for discounts on large orders