Brampton Picture Framing

Fine Art Trade Guild Picture Framing Standards

Fine Art Trade Guild

Vallaton Limited, who own and manage Brampton Picture Framing, are proud members of the Fine Art Trade Guild. We support and work to the picture framing standards set by the Guild. These principles are as follows:

  • To set a consistent bench-mark of picture framing standards
  • Enable customers to make an informed choice of different levels of framing to suit customers' individual needs
  • To enable customers to compare quotations on a 'like-for-like' basis. It is essential to demonstrate why a job may be priced above that given by a competitor and why a framer is recommending a particular level of framing
  • A marketing tool; to show customers there is more to framing than meets the eye
  • To educate framers
  • To assist the Guild when arbitrating in disputes revolving round whether a given specification has been met

Our frames are all constructed to a professional standard following the Guild practices by Guild Commended Framers. The levels of service are detailed on the pages below:


Basic Frame, at a minimum cost.

More Info
Budget A visually acceptable frame at a budget price. More Info
Commended To visually enhance artwork and give a moderate level of protection More Info
Conservation To visually enhance artwork and offer a high level of protection More Info
Museum To visually enhance artwork and offer the ultimate level of protection More Info