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Picture Frame Moulding Lengths & Chop Service

Here are Brampton Framing we have a huge selection of picture frame moulding to choose from. We offer them in single lengths, packs and boxes so whatever your DIY framing project we can help.

We also offer a chop service where we can mitre all four sides of you picture frame and send you the lengths pre-cut, or alternatively, we can make your frame for you, you can design and order you own picture frame using our Online Frame Designer.

2500+ Wooden Moulding Lengths

Buy individual lengths of moulding if you wish to cut and join frames yourself, or require picture frame moulding for a craft or DIY task.

We can help you with advice on constructing your own frames or using mouldings in other projects - call or e-mail us today!

Buy moulding in larger packs or boxes to get a better deal.

DIY Chop Service

Are you interested in making your own picture frames, but are worried about cutting the wood or don't have all the required tools?

Order moulding with our chop service and we will cut and mitre the lengths for you to exactly the right size, so you can assemble the frame yourself.

We can also supply acrylic glass, backing, fixings and steel corner plates to help with your DIY project.

Picture Frame Moulding Ranges

We offer hundreds of different ranges of picture frame moulding lengths, shown below are just a small selection of our favourite ranges of moulding, available in single lengths, packs and large boxes. We can also provide our custom sized picture frames and even our DIY chop service.

Stock Clearance Moulding

We offer our leftover lengths of picture frame moulding at a reduced price. Lengths range in condition from "As New" (Grade A), great for any DIY framing project, to "Noticable Damage" (Grade D) which can be used for small frames or to practice.

Colours of Moulding

We sell mouldings in a wide variety of colours, you can click the links below to show our ranges of each colour of picture frame moulding.

DIY Picture Framing Supplies

As well as lengths of picture frame moulding, we offer a wide range of tools and supplies to help with your own DIY framing project.

Tools Picture Framing Supplies
Picture Frame Tools
Glue Picture Framing Supplies
Picture Frame Glue
Tape Picture Framing Supplies
Picture Frame Tape
Screws Picture Framing Supplies
Picture Frame Screws
Fixings Picture Framing Supplies
Picture Frame Fixings
Glass Picture Framing Supplies
Picture Frame Glass
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