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Larson-Juhl Picture Mount, Backing and Bag Kits

All of our mount kits include:

1) Mountboard

All our mountboard is Fine Art Trade Guild certified for showcasing your artwork without fading or damaging your artwork material. These mountboards are 1400 micron (1.4mm) thick and have a crisp 45 degree bevel on the inner edge, cut by a precise computerised mountboard cutter accurate to 0.02mm.

2) Larson-Juhl Backing

This Larson-Juhl undermount is 1400 microns (1.4mm) thick and is sourced from well-managed environmentally-friendly renewable forests.

3) Cellophane Bags

Our clear bags are made from polypropelene to keep artworks clean and free from dust. We ship the mounts, undermounts and bags separately in one package so you can add your artwork and seal the bag yourself using the pull-off adhesive strip.