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2) Bespoke Framing Services - Terms and Conditions

We treat all items brought to us for framing with great care and respect at all times and while scenarios of damage and loss are extremely unlikely, our artwork care guarantee offers limited remedy for damage to/loss of your artwork/items left in our care for framing.

You should not send artwork/items for bespoke framing to us without our prior agreement.

You should ensure you package your artwork sufficiently and send via a signed for courier.

You are responsible for insuring it in transit.

You use our mail order framing service at your own risk and we advise that you should only send items of nominal monetary value.

Items that are irreplaceable and/or of sentimental value should not be be framed via mail order and should be brought to us in person.

If you specify that we should use real glass for your mail order framing project, we strongly recommend that you collect the frame personally or it be sent via a professional art courier.

Important: If you insist that we send a framed, glazed item/artwork to you via our standard courier service, please note we will not be held liable for any loss or damage that may occur; you should arrange your own insurance cover.

Canvas must be stretched onto wooden bars; when stretching a canvas, there is a risk that the paint surface may crack.

For quality paints and canvas the risk is very low indeed however, for thin, lower quality canvas or fabrics, there is a risk of cracking.

To stretch a canvas/fabric onto a wooden stretcher frame, the framer will have to apply pressure to literally stretch the artwork onto the stretcher frame.

Please note that Brampton Framing will not be held liable for any such cracking of the paints surface that results from professional stretching.

Due to many factors in the mounting process the possiblity exists that artwork, prints or substrates may be damaged during the process.

While issues are rare, they can happen; a print may become wrinkled, bubble or show an orange peel effect.

Dry and cold moulnting is not a reversible process and is not without risk, we do not recommend it is used on items that are one-offs or cannot be easily reprinted or replaced.

Brampton Framing will take every precaution in handling your artwork; however, we will not be held responsible for loss or damage that could occur as a result of a permanent mounting process.

Brampton Framing will not be held liable for any consequential loss or damage or otherwise to artwork, prints, posters or other items left for permanent mounting.