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Museum Undermount - 1.1mm Cotton Core

Off White Museum CottonCore 1100 micron (1.1mm) thick mountboard.

This mountboard is suitable for mounting your artwork onto. The purpose is to be used as a barrier between the artwork and the backing board, and prevents the transfer of damaging chemicals from non-certified backing boards onto artwork substrates.

Timecare CottonCore boards fully comply with Fine Art Trade Guild Museum Level (Level 1).

  • 100% unbuffered cotton fibre, free from lignin and sulphur.
  • OBA-free (Optical Brightening Agents).
  • Lightfast, Blue Wool Scale reading of 5 minimum.
  • Passes the Silver Tarnish Test and Photographic Activity Test.
  • EVA polymer adhesive, contains no plasticisers, pH7.0.
  • Surface sized (pure non-ionic farina starch).
  • Accelerated ageing test: TAPPI T.509 SU68
    • Unaged – pH 9.2
    • 100 years – pH 7.5
    • 150 years – pH 7.8
    • 200 years – pH 7.8

TG Off White 1.1mm Museum Undermount

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