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Sustainability | Our Social, Economic and Ecological responsibility

Here at Brampton Picture Framing, we are committed to protecting the environment and our community, and regularly evaluate our business and manufacturing operations to see how we can deliver the best service to our customers whilst at the same time addressing our social, economic and ecological responsibilities.

Our Products and Our Suppliers

Wherever possible, without compromising on quality we aim to purchase products and services which are 'environmentally preferable'.

We are careful to purchase our moulding and mountboard from companies who aim to use timber that has been lumbered in compliance with sustainable forestry policies and are also fully recyclable.

We also purchase packaging materials which have lower toxicity as well as greater recycled content thereby reducing the use of natural resources.

To help cut down on the amount of frames and picture frame moulding we send to landfill, we regularly update our Stock Clearance pages Clearance Moulding and Clearance Frames with all our surplus stock, along with slightly damaged stock which our customers can easily repair with some wood filler, paint and a steady hand, or alternatively use in their imperfect state to create a more natural, urban or vintage look.

Our People and Our Community

We are a family-run business, and almost all our employees live close enough to walk or cycle to work.

We source products and services locally wherever possible thereby keeping transportation to a minimum.

Whether it's office supplies from round the corner, or printing services from down the road, we try our best to support other independent businesses in the community.

We also actively promote energy and paper conservation as well as recycling within the company, ensuring over two-thirds of the waste we generate is either reused or recycled. We also donate surplus materials such as mounts to the Art Department of our local Secondary School.

Our Operations and Our Distribution

To improve our packaging processes, we are working to decrease the use of plastic by replacing it with cardboard containing a minimum of 90% recycled content.

In addition, we considerably reduce the amount of waste we generate by reusing the cardboard packaging our raw materials arrive in.

We do this in two ways: by using it to package the products we manufacture and dispatch to our customers; and, by shredding it and using it as void-fill material - a plastic-free alternative to bubble wrap.

Although we have to protect mail-order glass with bubble wrap, we use a brand which contains a minimum of 30% recycled content, and it can be recycled locally, as can the cellophane bags used in our Mount Kits.

Customers who would prefer not to have their order shipped are very welcome to visit us and collect their order packaging-free.