Lord of The Rings paper cut out framed - Deep black frame

This is an incredible piece of artwork which has been created by assembling several layers of intricately cut and coloured paper - creating a dramatic portrayal of the famous trilogy.

Our framers handled this delicate artwork very carefully and made this multi-layered frame to fit. It consisted of two black core mounts, separated by a bespoke spacer which was cut from the same colour to give the seamless box effect.

It's important to keep artwork and glass from touching, as over time they can get stuck together and damage the artwork. This is a standard set by the Fine Art Trade Guild - to which all of our framers are qualified. 

For the frame on this project, we chose a simple, deep black moulding which would accommodate the depth of the artwork with both mounts and spacer. It has finished it really well, and both our framer and the customer were really happy with this piece!