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Looney Tunes film cell framing - Red frames

Some more film cell framing today in the workshop!

These lovely Looney Tunes film cells were brought in for framing in our Derbyshire workshop. Our customer wanted a colourful frame to enhance the bright style of the cartoons, so after looking through several chevrons with the artwork, we chose this red moulding from the Larson Juhl La Moda collection (now sadly discontinued, but complemented by other offerings from their Confetti range).

The first cell (Coyote and Roadrunner) came in two parts- the cellophane film cell with the characters on and the yellow background with cliff. So for the second frame (Yosemite Sam) we found a mount colour was a close match to this mustard yellow so they could be displayed together.

We used a small spacer to separate the low reflective glass from the artwork as this prevents them sticking together over time.

Unique Battle Cat film cell mounted and framed
Unique Battle Cat film cell mounted and framed