Spacer Range of Picture Frames

The Spacer Range has 10 Subranges. Click on any of the following links to view them: Touchwood Art Spacer Maple, Touchwood Art Spacer Beech, Touchwood Art Spacer Oak, Touchwood Art Spacer Walnut, Touchwood Art Spacer Wenge, Touchwood Spacer Maple, Touchwood Spacer Beech, Touchwood Spacer Oak, and Touchwood Spacer Walnut. Touchwood Spacer Wenge,

Spacer Showcase

1 Profiles

31 Mouldings in total

6 Different Colours

This range of picture frame spacers are a high quality smart solution to lifting your glass away from your artwork or object. Rather than use mountboard or foam board, these smart wooden spacer are a great idea. Please note these are rebate less mouldings and are to be used with another rebated moulding.

Spacer Spacer Frames

29mm Spacer Moulding (#152453127)

Colour White
Width 29mm
Depth 5mm
Rebate Depth 0mm
Spacer Chevron Showcase