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Guide to Picture Frame Measurements

View below guidance from professional fine art trade guild commended picture framers about how to measure you artwork/item to fit a picture frame on it's own or a picture frame with a mount.

Buying a Picture Frame Only

If you are framing a mirror, an oil painting on board, a stretched oil painting or replacing an existing frame and reusing the glass and backing all you need to do is measure the exact size of the item and enter that into our Online Frame Designer. If you are replacing an existing frame, you can remove the glass/backing and measure that to get the correct size for your new frame.

Our frame designer will then ensure that the frame is made so that your item fits perfectly within it.

We prefer to work in millimetres as it is the most accurate measurement, but you are welcome to use centimetres or inches.

Buying a Picture Frame with a Mount

Adding a mount around an image or artwork can make a tremendous difference, the right mount will draw your eye into the picture, you should not really notice the frame and mount, you should only see the picture. Adding a mount which is not the correct colour or width can conversely draw the eye to the mount, defeating the object of the picture frame completely.

If you are unsure on the mount colour and width to choose and would like a 2nd opinion please do call us on 01246 554338 or email us at sales@bramptonframing.com.

When you enter the dimensions of your art print, photo, poster or artwork and you require a mount, you should enter the actual image size, not the size of the paper the work is on. If the artwork is signed below the printed image and you want the signature to show you should take this into consideration when entering in your dimensions.

Please note, our system will make your mount's aperture (the hole we cut in the mount) 3mm smaller on each side than your image size to ensure it cannot fall through.

Glossary of Picture Frame Measurement Terms

Below are a list of terms that picture framers use to describe the size of customer's artwork and the size of the frames they make.

Artwork Size The size of the artwork you wish to mount/frame. If your artwork has a white/coloured border that you wish to see, take this into account when measuring.
Sight SizeThe visible area inside the frame when you look at it from the front. A small amount of the glass/artwork/boards in the frame will be covered by the rebate lip of the frame.
Glass SizeThe size of the glass/backing boards that drop into the back of the frame. If you are ordering a new glass, backing or mount board for your existing frame, remove the existing boards from your frame and measure these.
Aperture SizeThe size of the opening cut into a mount board. When you give us an artwork size, we typically subtract 3mm from each border (top, bottom, left, right) to calculate this size, so that your artwork does not fall through the cut-out.
Reveal SizeWhen ordering a double mount, two mounts are layered on top of each other. The reveal size is the amount of the lower mount that is seen – the aperture size is not affected.
Rebate Size The internal measurement we use when cutting the frame. This is typically 3mm larger than the glass size.

If you have any questions at all or need any help please do call us on 01246 554338 or email us at sales@bramptonframing.com.