Step 1: Item Size

Please Note: Your frame will be made to fit a piece of glass or canvas of the size you choose. If you are unsure about what size to enter, please click here for our guide to English Handmade Frames.

Step 2: Frame Finish

Standard Finishes

Standard Traditional Finishes
Contemporary Finishes

Gesso Primed Artist Option

Premium Finishes

Gold/Silver Leaf is a premium finish which done by hand to an extremely professional quality. The option of Gilding can be done to either the Full Frame (Front and Sides) or just the Front of the Frame.

Bespoke Finish
Gold/Silver Leaf

Step 3: Washes (no extra cost)

A wash is applied after the finish, and is designed to give the frame an aged look.

Step 4: Liners

A Liner is a slip which fits on the inside of the frame, and can make a tremendous difference to the overall frame.

LX Liners

This frame liner adds bevelled edge down into the artwork giving that bit of extra depth and line of separation between the artwork and frame. Can be finished in any colour required.

LX Liners Profile

Visible: 0.90"
Width: 1.00"
Price: £0.00

LB Liners

Stylish flat profile with small inner gold lip. Can be finished in any colour required.

LB Liners Profile

Visible: 1.15"
Width: 1.25"
Price: £0.00


To choose to not have a Liner or to have on which is the same colour as the frame.

Step 5: Mount

Please Note: If you decide to choose a mount, the overall price of the frame will increase due to an increase in the glass size.

Top Mount

Mount Width:


Bottom Mount

Reveal Size



Step 6: Glazing


Step 7: Extras

Step 8: Mirror

Please note: if you would like a Mirror in this frame, then you cannot also have a Mount or Glazing.

By default, your mirror will include a Safety Backing film attached to the back, to prevent shards of mirror falling if it is broken.

Total: £0.00 each VAT

Frame 3.00" Superior Swept £0.00
Item To fit an Item Size of

(Please note that the frame makers will add a tolerance of around to the dimensions you have entered/selected)

External Size (Approximately)
Finish £0.00
Wash £0.00
Liner £0.00
Mount £0.00
Glazing £0.00
Fixings £0.00
Mirror £0.00

Quantity Price / frame % off

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