Guide to English Handmade Frames

English Handmade Frames are frames in which the corner joins have been hand finished and often have a decoration over the miter join.

Measuring your Item

  1. Place your Artwork on a Flat Surface
  2. Take the measurements (Width and Height) of the Item you would like to be framed
  3. Enter the dimensions into our English Handmade Frame Search (here )
  4. Use the filter options to find the Frame you would like. Our search automatically filters out any Frames which may be unsuitable for your Item dimensions

What we Offer

Here at Brampton Picture Framing, we offer a whole range of English Handmade Frames, available is a host of Bespoke and Standard Sizes, and optional extras to choose from, for example, washes, liners, mounts, glazing, and even whether to have decoration. You will not find another website like ours, where the frames are competitively prices as well as professionally manufactured.

The decorations are made using a traditional Gesso which is made with a secret recipe of chalk dust, natural glue and water. The Gesso is moulded into patterns and decoration using original carved wooden moulds.

The frame finishes are achieved using a combination of layers of Gesso, bole clay (in red or black) and bronzing powders that are applied by hand with a very high quality brush. Any frame can be finished in any colour and optionally with antique washes to age the finish.

Genuine Gold Leaf is an option on all frames, experienced guilders will finish your frame to the highest standard, using traditional techniques and skills that have been practiced for years.

The frames come in a large range of styles and widths, and the decoration styles and sizes will vary depending on the size of your frame.

As mentioned before, the frames can be made in either Standard or Bespoke sizes. So whether you need a small frame or a very large frame we can help, while maintaining a reasonable budget.