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Cream (1402) Mountboard Sheets

Solidcore mountboards fully comply with Fine Art Trade Guild Conservation Level (Level 2).

  • Made from high-quality, bleached alpha cellulose in 1, 2, 3, or 4 ply, each being the same. The board is lignin-free.
  • Only natural pigments are used which are fade and bleed resistant. On the Blue Wool Scale it measures a reading of 5 minimum.
  • Water-soluble extracts are minimal i.e. chloride below 0.05%, sulphate below 0.25%.
  • Buffered with calcium carbonate, minimum 3-5% in weight.
  • Passes the Silver Tarnish Test and Photographic Activity Test making it suitable for mounting precious photographs.
  • Neutral pH-buffered adhesive with plasticiser-free calcium carbonate, thus eliminating the issue of acids forming within the adhesive layers.
  • Accelerated ageing test: TAPPI T.509 SU68
    • Unaged – pH9.4
    • 100 years – pH7.5
    • 200 years – pH7.5
    • 300 years – pH7.5


Board thickness0.5 mm
Sheet width1120 mm
Sheet height815 mm
Sheet price£ 4.40
Cream (1402)

Colours may differ depending on device / monitor used

High Quality Larson Juhl Mountboard