Brampton Picture Framing

Chantilly Range of Picture Frames

You can also buy mouldings from this Range with Custom Mirrors in them.

3 Profiles

7 Mouldings in total

4 Different Colours

Chantilly Reverse Frames

60mm Reverse Moulding (#979610)

Colour Black
Width 60mm
Depth 27mm
Rebate Depth 20mm
Reverse Chevron Showcase

Chantilly Spoon Frames

40mm Spoon Moulding (#979615)

Colour Gold
Width 40mm
Depth 34mm
Rebate Depth 17mm
Spoon Chevron Showcase

Chantilly Cushion Frames

40mm Cushion Moulding (#979614)

Colour Silver
Width 40mm
Depth 28mm
Rebate Depth 15mm
Cushion Chevron Showcase