Brampton Picture Framing

Pencil drawing framed - cat portrait

This great drawing was brought into us by an existing customer as a present for his wife; a portrait of their beloved cat.

For many people, pets are part of the family and having a pet portrait framed like this is a great way of making a display piece. This particular frame is very heavy and it has completely transformed the delicate pencil drawing of our customer's cat.

He wanted to make a big feature of this drawing, so we settled on this 105mm wide moulding - ref 264803476, with a wide double mount to make the overall size of the frame much bigger. 

The glass we used on this was a low reflective clarity glass, which makes a massive difference and we would highly recommend.

We also added a subtle name plate at the bottom of the frame which finishes it off beautifully. These are available in a range of sizes and colours and are made to order.

We're very pleased with the finished product- please get in touch if you have anything similar that you would like framing.