Piero Della Francesca portrait framed

This fantastic portrait in the style of Piero Della Francesca was brought into our Chesterfield workshop for framing last year.

The cracked varnish used gave it this aged effect without altering the colours so we were able to use a frame that complimented the high contrast between skin tone and a dark background.

The moulding we chose was a modern take on a classic style; a deep detailed profile with a smooth satin finish. We then added a thin, gold leaf slip to the frame to create a visual break between the large areas of black. Slips are a great way to add detail to framed oil paintings, whether it's a handmade English frame, or modern simplistic frame.

Our framers have years of experience in handling, stretching and framing oil paintings here in Brampton, so please get in touch if you are interested in getting a quote for bespoke framing.