Vintage cocktail sticks framed

These cocktail sticks were brought into us by a customer who has received them as a present from a family member, who had collected these cocktail sticks from various pubs in the 50s and 60s.

She asked for a simple contemporary frame and for them to be displayed symmetrically, but other than that didn't have a preference. So our framers spent time with the customer choosing the right frame for the job and decided on 225167000 with a grey window mount.

The multi aperture mount splits up the sticks into smaller groups which breaks the frame up and creates the symmetrical pattern.

The cocktail sticks are all stuck into foam board to hold them in place - so no glue was used in the process. We then made a bespoke spacer to create this box effect.

Due these being very old and rare, we chose to use a conservation glass to stop any sun damage occurring.

This was a really interesting project as we got to learn a little more about the history, and turned something that may have been thrown away into a conversational display piece!