Brampton Picture Framing

David Bowie Limited Editions - Custom mounts

This is the second collection of David Bowie records we have framed here at Brampton and we (and the customer!) think they look great!

As with all records and LP's brought in to us, we have framed them to a conservation standard - so there are not any adhesives used and they can be taken back out of the frame and played at any time. Martin (one of our GCF framers) spent a long time designing the mounts to ensure they would hold each record in place by creating an aperture at 17cm.

This meant that the double mount just covered the very edge of the Vinyl, but not the stickers.

The records are shown in chronological order from left to right as specified by the customer and we chose to display them in a symmetrical pattern to make sure the frame was not too long and thin.

As there was a signed poster to go in the middle; we added a small custom plaque to balance out the aesthetics of the frame.

We're really pleased with how this looks, and the low reflective glass finishes it off beautifully.

Please let us know if you have any records or CDs of your own that you would like framing, we'd be happy to get you a quote and send over some framing ideas.

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"You've once again done an amazing job, I'm absolutely thrilled with it! Thanks so very much"

- Mrs Rhodes