Aaron Horkey - Nesting - Valuable artwork framing

This is a fantastic limited edition print of Aaron Horkey's Nesting which was brought into us for framing last year.

Our GCF Advanced framer, James took on this project and we are all really pleased with the results. We chose a simplistic gold leaf frame - ref: 392956000 and a thin green slip - ref: 154304 which compliments the colours in the print very well.

As the print was on very white paper and had warm colours, we decided to go for a double mount - light cream on top with a thin white reveal beneath. This softens the stark difference between bright white paper and gold frame.

The frame was finished off with a Tru Vue low reflective glass which makes a huge difference to the overall look, and the customer was very pleased!

Our framers have years of experience with limited editions and valuable artwork framing, so please get in touch if you have a project for us.