Brampton Picture Framing

Elizabeth Forest artwork framed - Stained frame

Local artist Elizabeth Forrest is a regular customer of ours and she brought this in for framing in a simple box frame.

The framers used a barefaced moulding and added a stain to get this warm brown colouring.

We chose this light brown undermount and float mounted the textured paper onto it to show the delicate edges. 

It's important that the glass doesn't touch the artwork, so we have made a bespoke spacer and created the box effect to separate the two. 

The Museum grade glass which has been used on this frame has 99% UV protection, plus the low reflective qualities which increase the clarity of the artwork behind. This is the highest standard of glass we offer, and although expensive - it makes such a difference to the finished product and protects the artwork from sun damage.

If you have artwork that needs professionally protecting, please get in touch.