Brampton Picture Framing

Paul Cummins Ceramic Poppy Framing

Being based in Chesterfield we are particularly proud to frame one of Paul Cummins Ceramic Poppies from his installation at the Tower of London, Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red.

As with all of our ceramic poppy frames, we build a custom box to fit the depth and stain it by hand to match the rest of the frame, along with bespoke spacers to keep the glass away from the poppy.

The poppy is gently taken apart and sewn in place using 2-3 stitches maximum so it can be taken back out and no adhesives are used at all.

Our framers put some real time and effort into the framing of the poppy and its stem along with the certificate and a photo of WW1 soldiers on the horizon. If you have a poppy or any ceramic artwork you are interested in framing please do give us a call or email for a no obligation estimate for its professional framing.

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