Britania - UV Protected

This limited edition print entitled Britania - Prefab77  is a great example of a modern print with the style of a traditional painting. The dark portrait with dramatic lighting is not dissimilar to the work of Caravaggio.

We chose a dark frame as all the attention needed to stay on the illuminated figure and anything brighter would have taken away from that. However, sticking the the more traditional style and theme of Britannia, we chose a ornate frame - 706249000 with subtle red tones in to pick out the colours in the flag.

Conservation standard glass was used on this piece so it is protected from sun damage by 99% UV resistance. 

Artist: Prefab77
BLDG Editions
Specs: 1 color/1 varnish – Hand embellished and painted by artist.
Edition: 30
Size:   22″ x 30″