Bernard Cheese - Harvest Time

Bernard Cheese was a famous illustrator and print maker from Great Bardfield. He created some fantastic pieces, including this one called "Harvest Time" which was brought in to us for framing in our Chesterfield workshop.

The customer wanted something modern for the print, so we looked through several of our moulding chevrons in the show room. We chose this simple oak frame to compliment the warm colours and detail in the artwork, along with a bespoke off white mount to surround.

The artwork is held in place using a conservation hinging tape, so only a very small amount is touching the back of the paper. Our framers are all qualified to the standards set by the Fine Art Trade Guild and they have years of experience in framing all sorts of artwork, objects and material. 

Please get in touch if you have a framing project of your own that you would like some advice on.