Brampton Picture Framing

Vintage half chaps framed

These fantastic vintage ladies overboots were brought into us by a local shoemaker who had restored them as a gift, and wanted to showcase them in an ornate frame. 

After looking through a lot of frames with the customer, we chose this 2.25" Chippendale frame from our Traditional English frames range. These are all handmade to order, so we could choose the exact colour and size to suit the half chaps.

We chose this red suedette board to mount the half chaps on which gives it a really ornate almost museum style. Combined with the custom mounted plaque, this has made for a great display piece in the shop.

The leather overboots were hand sewn in place on the seems, so there wasn't any harsh adhesives or damaging stitches used on the leather and it means that it is 100% reversible.

Our qualified framers made a bespoke box frame with an extended rebate to allow room for the half chaps, and the red mount board separated the glass and leather to make sure it didn't get stuck over time.

This was a really interesting project for us in the workshop, and we love getting things like this brought in to us! Please get in touch if you have any framing projects you would like help with.