Brampton Picture Framing

Oasis Denim jacket framed

This original Oasis jacket was brought into us by a regular customer who was part of the stage crew on their 1996 tour. The jackets were given out by Oasis as a thankyou to everyone who helped run the show at Knebworth Park from backstage.

It has been well worn up to now, but he wanted to preserve it for a little longer by putting it in a frame.

We chose a simple black frame with deep rebate to hold the thick denim jacket, which was hand sewn in place. This means that no adhesives were used and it can be easily taken out and worn again if the customer wanted.

Frame ref: 150167000

We made a custom spacer to keep the glass and material apart by using the same coloured mount as the background to give the box frame effect.

As the customer was working to a budget, we chose plain glass for this frame.

Please get in touch if you have any clothes that you would like framing!