Brampton Picture Framing

Wedding flowers framed - Bespoke box frame

We have framed a lot of photos and objects from weddings, but these flowers are some of the best!

Our customer brought in the sugar flowers from her daughter's wedding to have them preserved in a frame, rather than go to waste or gather dust. 

We chose a simple silver frame to compliment the small pearlescent beads that were incorporated into the flowers. This was combined with three different colours of mounts - Snow White, Damascus Green and minuet - which created clean lines within the frame and matched the colours in the flowers. 

The flowers were fixed in place and our framers created a bespoke box frame to sit them in, using mounts to give the inside a seamless effect and an extended rebate at the back of the frame. 

We're really happy with this project and love challenges like this, so please get in touch if you have something similar!