Dr Dave Puppet framed

This was a great project for our framers here in the workshop!


He was brought into us by an existing customer who had bought the puppet on holiday in America from an official Muppet store. 

As it was a collectible item, they wanted to display it in a way which showed it off to it's best potential while also protecting it.


After spending some time with the customer, our framers chose this moulding from the Larson Juhl Imperial collection; ref:403ig

This is a very high quality Italian moulding and it works really well with the white mount and makes a great display case!


We extended the back of these frames using plain timber which we stained to get it a similar colour to the gold front frame. It was then lined with a white mount and backing to create this floating effect with the puppet.


Our GCF framer Jonathan, made a wire frame for Dr. Dave to stand on and hand stitched the material in place so give this floating effect. The fixings cannot be seen from the front of the frame and it is all completely reversible if it needs to be taken out again at a later date.


To finish the frame off, we used a low reflective glass which makes a big difference to the overall look – definitely worth having on box frames with objects inside.


We love interesting projects like this so please get in touch if you would like more information!