Brampton Picture Framing

Cross Stitch Framing

  • Custom needlework and cross stitch framing
  • No glues or tapes used in our stretching method
  • We mount work only via reversible methods, hand stitching
  • Professional cross stitch framing

At Brampton Picture Framing we take the framing of your Cross Stitch very seriously, our framers will treat your work with absolute respect

By default we do not use any adhesives or tapes to mount your work, we prefer the traditional hand stitch lacing method.

Our aim is to ensure that your work is neatly presented within it's mounts whilst ensuring that the fixing method is fully reversible and does not damage your work in any way.

Our experienced and professional picture framers will be able to offer you advice as to which combinations of frame and mounts will suit/show your work off the most.

If you would like to buy a professionally made frame but mount the Cross Stitch yourself please note you can choose a frame from our vast range of mouldings and we can post you the frame for you to frame your work yourself.

The methods used by some picture framers to mount Cross Stitch can lead to damage or long term damage, the acids in glues and tapes used by some to mount work can damage your work.

Our preference for mounting Cross Stitch/Needlework is to hand stretch your cross stitch, using a needle and thread. This traditional method is fully reversible but it does take a little time.

A lower cost modern fixing method is to use T pins and foamboard. this method is fully reversible and takes less time, hence we can pass on the saving to customers.

If you would like a no obligation quote; please email, call or you are welcome to visit us for a quote. Customer travel many miles for our framing services! but we also offer a mail order cross stitch framing service. Including visualisation of how the cross Stitch will look in various frames/mounts.