Essentials Range of Picture Frames

The Essentials Range has 2 Subranges. Click on any of the following links to view them: and Essentials Slip. Essentials Float,

You can also buy mouldings from this Range with Custom Mirrors in them.
Essentials Showcase

13 Profiles

646 Mouldings in total

10 Different Colours

A large range of value for money mouldings covering many styles, colours and finishes.

Essentials Flat Frames

60mm Flat Moulding (#318246000)

Colour Gold
Width 60mm
Depth 23mm
Rebate Depth 15mm
Flat Chevron Showcase

Essentials Reverse Frames

23mm Reverse Moulding (#165201246)

Colour Gold
Width 23mm
Depth 15mm
Rebate Depth 8mm
Reverse Chevron Showcase

Essentials Spoon Frames

61mm Spoon Moulding (#107127000)

Colour White
Width 61mm
Depth 34mm
Rebate Depth 10mm
Spoon Chevron Showcase

Essentials Cushion Frames

57mm Cushion Moulding (#101060246)

Colour Gold
Width 57mm
Depth 14mm
Rebate Depth 8mm
Cushion Chevron Showcase

Essentials Scoop Frames

29mm Scoop Moulding (#136127100)

Colour White
Width 29mm
Depth 50mm
Rebate Depth 9mm
Scoop Chevron Showcase

Essentials Canvas Box Frames

70mm Canvas Box Moulding (#513127000)

Colour White
Width 70mm
Depth 51mm
Rebate Depth 41mm
Canvas Box Chevron Showcase

Essentials Dome Frames

65mm Dome Moulding (#291246000)

Colour Gold
Width 65mm
Depth 30mm
Rebate Depth 11mm
Dome Chevron Showcase

Essentials Bevel Frames

50mm Bevel Moulding (#438167246)

Colour Black
Width 50mm
Depth 27mm
Rebate Depth 12mm
Bevel Chevron Showcase

Essentials Hockey Frames

22mm Hockey Moulding (#3921ag)

Colour Gold
Width 22mm
Depth 38mm
Rebate Depth 23mm
Hockey Chevron Showcase

Essentials Flat Box Frames

25mm Flat Box Moulding (#233127000)

Colour White
Width 25mm
Depth 57mm
Rebate Depth 50mm
Flat Box Chevron Showcase

Essentials Ridged Cushion Frames

20mm Ridged Cushion Moulding (#724496246)

Colour Stain
Width 20mm
Depth 15mm
Rebate Depth 8mm
Ridged Cushion Chevron Showcase

Essentials Bamboo Frames

11mm Bamboo Moulding (#702004246)

Colour Gold
Width 11mm
Depth 18mm
Rebate Depth 9mm
Bamboo Chevron Showcase

Essentials Shaped Flat Frames

63mm Shaped Flat Moulding (#708157000)

Colour Ivory
Width 63mm
Depth 23mm
Rebate Depth 13mm
Shaped Flat Chevron Showcase