Ferrosa Range of Picture Frames

The Ferrosa Range has 3 Subranges. Click on any of the following links to view them: Ferrosa Bronze, and Ferrosa Ii. Ferrosa Slip,

You can also buy mouldings from this Range with Custom Mirrors in them.

4 Profiles

28 Mouldings in total

2 Different Colours

Ferrosa Flat Frames

25mm Flat Moulding (#205556)

Colour Gold
Width 25mm
Depth 20mm
Rebate Depth 15mm
Flat Chevron Showcase

Ferrosa Spoon Frames

30mm Spoon Moulding (#385252)

Colour Silver
Width 30mm
Depth 23mm
Rebate Depth 11mm
Spoon Chevron Showcase

Ferrosa Cushion Frames

20mm Cushion Moulding (#235252)

Colour Silver
Width 20mm
Depth 20mm
Rebate Depth 13mm
Cushion Chevron Showcase

Ferrosa Mountslip Frames

16mm Mountslip Moulding (#145254)

Colour Silver
Width 16mm
Depth 5mm
Rebate Depth 5mm
Mountslip Chevron Showcase